Mobile Legends Heroes

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Heroes in Mobile Legends are the characters you choose to play for in the game. Here you will find more than 90 of them. The list grows all the time, so get ready to meet more very soon – the game developers seem to have a lot of amazing ideas to share with you. When entering the server, one is offered to play for one of the free heroes that change every week. You are going to rotate the stage with the characters and pick the one that suits you best. Also, you always have an opportunity to purchase a characters for diamonds. There are heroes as well as fragments of them to get. Additionally, there are skins for heroes – the special outlook features that change their appearance. Some skins add accessories and clothes, the others change the color of the skin, still other add some new decorative elements to the hero you choose as yours.
The heroes and skins can also be received as rewards for your achievements in the battles. Diamonds can serve as in-game cash and allow you to buy characters as well skins and various elements. Some of them are easy to achieve in the game, while the others are almost impossible to get. However, almost all of the heroes can be purchased. There only one character you cannot get for the game money – it is Freya. You can only exchange her for the precious stones. Another female character, Odette, can be received in a special occasion only or bought in the Shop of Fragments. Characters are different and they enter various categories considering their properties and skills. They are divided into various squads by capabilities, so choosing one, you won’t get lost.

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