Mobile Legends: Adventure

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More and more Mobile Legends are waiting for you, dear gamers! If you were looking for an official continuation of the incredible franchise, then here it is! You cannot miss it. Today, we will open a brand new page of the story and you are going to become main hero here. This chapter of the game is an official sequel of the original title. It features a great amount of characters, new maps, and exclusive features. Among them, you will meet various characters you have never seen before! They are perfect representatives of their clans – warriors, supporters, assassins, magicians, and more! Choose the most favorite heroes of yours, call your buddies, join the battlefield and show your mightiness to all the opponents. The battlefield is waiting for you to start the game now. You will be amazed by the contrast here – the playing process is smooth and calming, while the battles are pretty hot!

In each team that consists of five members, there will be representatives of different character types. The task of each team is to overcome all the opponents by defeating other characters and beating their defensive towers down. You can cooperate and group inside of your team, dividing responsibilities according to the fighting (or defensive) style and skills of every hero. Some of them run fast and harm the enemies hard. The others can fight with numerous opponents at the same time using magical spells. Still others are massive and perfect for defense – they are the best when placed at the first line of your squad. There are also supportive characters, who have a special skill – to heal all the other characters and help them get through the battles unharmed and alive. Try to gather a diverse and strong team of different warriors to make it unbeatable and strong. When you choose the appropriate characters for concrete actions within a team, you achieve a perfect balance that allows you to lead your squad forward and defeat everyone who stands on your way.

The game is popular among the players worldwide and you will join them on the server right after clicking the Play button! Enter the amazing and incredible fantastic world of different bright characters to play for and diverse maps to explore. The game has one peculiarity that you will surely appreciate. There are no items that can be bought for money here. All developments come from your achievements and successful battles, which means that the players are in the equal conditions. The characters are all pretty strong from the very first minutes, so you won’t have to force yourself in order to achieve the higher level. The game is not very focused on the level-up options, but they are present, of course. You have a perfect chance to enjoy amazing gameplay without pressing yourself and trying to get the achievements no matter what. Instead, have fun and take part in cool and bright battles!

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