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As you know, there is a plenty of characters in Mobile Legends and all of them are divided into classes according to their skills. How to choose the best hero for a certain role in your team to make it strong and balanced? Let’s discuss some characters that are perfect in particular styles of defense and attack. So here we go! The first category we would like to discuss is Tank. These are the heavy characters that are mighty attackers. The best representative of this class is Akai, a large panda. He is perfect when it comes to defense and can keep the entire team of your heroes safe when placed in the front. This bear can do the Hurricane Dance and Thousand Pounder which are perfect combos for maximal threat. The second class is Fighters, the best representative of which is Roger. He is known as the best fighter in the game and has unique skills that allow him to act in two roles – human being and a wolf. The best fighting skills of Roger are demonstrated when he becomes a wolf. He attacks using Bloodthirsty Howl that increases his speed and makes almost unbeatable.
The next class is Assassin, the best representative of which is Fanny. To play her effectively, you will need to train your skills first – the character is a bot tricky. Still, she is very strong and useful when you learn to control her. Using her Steel Cable and other skills, you will move like a lightening without being noticed. As for the role of a Marksman, the best hero is Irithel here. She can attack during movement, which makes her a perfect warrior. She can run after her enemies without a mercy, defeating them when they are trying to get away. She can do bonus damage when striking in a passive regime. The support class is represented by Diggie, the owl. He can heal and save your characters’ lives during a battle while damaging the opponents. He has special defense that keep him unharmed when the enemies attack.

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